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Private equity is the investment of capital in private company offerings. Investors then intend to realize capital gains or receive cash flows from dividend payments from these offerings. Historically, private equity investments were conducted between investment funds and institutional and or accredited investors. Soakmont is breaking these restrictive barriers. Whether you have fifty dollars or fifty million, Soakmont and their partners are brining exclusive opportunities to all.

Each dollar invested in the average private equity fund returned at least 20 percent more than a dollar invested in the S&P 500. This works out to an outperformance of at least 3 percent per year

National Bureau of Economic Research



Soakmont Group LLC, a financial technology company, is focused on crowdfunding high-end private equity assets for their community of investors and the public. Soakmont will also act as a real estate management company upon completion of its private equity crowdfunding.

Soakmont stands out from the crowd by focusing on regulatory compliance and providing users of all Soakmont products an unparalleled peace of mind. At all stages of product development, Soakmont maintains the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance by adhering to the principle: nothing beats transparency. Soakmont has developed and will deliver multiple solutions and products across a range of industries. The first quality development Soakmont has brought to market is the Soakmont Investment Platform. A second deliverable is the Soakmont Rental and Travel Platform.

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The Soakmont Investment Platform exists to make high end real estate and private equity investment opportunities available to everyone. Soakmont’s goal to disrupt a multi-billion dollar global industry of private equity deals will be accomplished by enabling fractional ownership of high end investment assets and significantly reducing the restrictive financial barriers preventing non accredited individuals from investing. These capital raising processes are very costly for any project. Soakmont’s platform will make it easier to manage and invest in this new age of private equity investing.

Soakmont’s partnership with Silicon Prairie all the SIP activity will be fully regulated. The Soakmont Investment Platform enables crowdfunded asset investment through an SEC and FINRA registered platform.

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Letter of Intent to acquire Le Grand Bleu


Soakmont Group LLC signs Letter of Intent to acquire Le Grand Bleu resort in Nosy Be, Madagascar.

Soakmont Group LLC Formed


Soakmont Group LLC enters $15.5 Billion dollar crowdfunding market with new subsidiary formation.

Atlantic Trust Partnership - LOI


Soakmont Group has reached an agreement (LOI) with a Canadian Regulated Financial Institution.

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