How it Works

Soakmont ecosystem is a framework for automating crowdfunded real estate investments.

Work Process

The crypto era gives access to funding all around the globe without any barrier or delay.

We’re building a platform where you can reach real estate investors to quickstart your development project.

  • Multi-chain ecosystem, supporting all major blockchain.

  • All transactions and projects are fully transparent.

  • We're working with regulators to protect your investments.

The Timeline

Our Team

team member

SOAKed Mark

Business and real estate mogul looking to revolutionize the real estate industry and increase accessibility worldwide.

team member


Corporate Marketing, Sales, HR, & Management experience. When he’s not working on DeFi projects, he’s coaching or watching soccer.

team member


Software engineer with a solid experience in blockchain and real estate, he's managing the project development. When he's not coding, he lives in a tent.

team member

Steve Mayer

6 years of experience in sales and marketing. Owns multiple businesses. He spends most of his free time with his kids and fishing the rest of the time.

team member


Managing the family’s supermarket, community manager, Useless at heart, and part time insta-Husband

team member


Advanced trader responsible for the SOAK trading room.

Token Distribution

The token distribution in the SOAK ecosystem.

  • 27% Dev, Marketing & Legal
  • 24% Liquidity Pool
  • 24% Private Presale
  • 15% Private Deals
  • 10% Founders

How to buy

SOAK (Soakmont) Token is available on PancakeSwap

Trade on PanscakeSwap

Contract address: 0x841dc7a49e0825bdf3ee585cfb6e553495915ace


Bogged Nomics

Frequently Asked questions

Answering your questions is our priority. Feel free to get in touch with us on discord if you have more questions.

How can I buy?

SOAK token has been fairlaunched on PancakeSwap. You can purchase SOAK by pasting the contract address into the output currency on PancakeSwap and exchanging BNB. Don't forget to drop the slippage to 0.1% or 0%. Here is the contract address: 0x841dc7a49e0825bdf3ee585cfb6e553495915ace

How can a crypto become involved in real estate?

SOAK Token will give you the possibility to participate in staking, allowing access to many real estate projects. SOAK token will also become the currency of the platform, giving the possibility to deploy new projects and have access to rentals all around the world.

How will the NFTs link to the overall roadmap?

The NFT collection will be a source of funding for the legal & regulators. The collection will also be a philantropic act