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What is Soakmont?

What is Soakmont? Soakmont exists to disrupt and improve traditional industries, enabling corporations and users to realize a range of benefits. Soakmont will do this by taking the very best practice, insight, and knowledge from across a range of financial sectors and blending all of that with Soakmont’s cutting edge Web3 and blockchain technologies to create a range of fully regulated and unbeatable products including: the Soakmont Investment Platform, Soakmont DeFi App, Soakmont Rental and Travel Platform. To find out more please read our Lite Paper.

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What is the Soakmont Investment Platform?

The Soakmont Investment Platform is a revolutionary approach that utilizes blockchain and Web3 technology to tokenize assets and allows fully regulated fractional ownership and investment of assets. This is the first product Soakmont will bring to market.

The functionality of the Soakmont Investment Platform has been designed with ease of use and regulatory compliance at its core. Through its innovative technology and partnerships the Soakmont Investment Platform streamlines a number of processes, reducing costs and fees compared to the traditional investment industry. This makes it easy for any project/asset to be funded/tokenized, onboard new investors, and ensure revenue flows to investors, and through its partnership with Atlantic Trust Company, all of the SIP activity will be fully regulated. The $SKMT token will play a key role in the functionality of the platform and future Soakmont products.

Soakmont Crypto Ecosystem

Atlantic Trust Company

Helping Soakmont achieve its core mission is the unique, innovative and groundbreaking agreement with a Canadian regulated Financial Institution: Atlantic Trust Company (ATC).

ATC is a Trust & Loan Company, established in 1965 by an Act of Parliament by the Government of Prince Edward Island, has a wide array of powers as a financial institution and as a Trustee.

Soakmont and ATC have signed a Letter of Intent setting out how they will work to formalize an agreement to provide a unique, groundbreaking and fully regulated offer to the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape.

The agreement will see the following initial outputs:

  • Launch of a new digital subsidiary Trust/Financial Institution in 2022.
  • Launch of fully secure, regulated, and audited 1:1 fiat asset-backed CAD and USD stablecoins.
  • ATC and its subsidiary will ensure the forthcoming Soakmont Investment Platform is fully regulated for asset tokenization and fractional ownership.
  • ATC provide premium services to holders of StachesNFT

What is next for Soakmont Real Estate

What next for Soakmont?

Once the agreement with ATC is finalized in Q3 2022 the subsidiary financial institution will launch with the multi-chain stablecoins. This will see the start of a significant tranche of Soakmont activity, beginning with the launch of the Soakmont Investment Platform and the tokenization of the first private equity asset with fractional ownership. Our below roadmap provides further detail.

View our roadmap

The Timeline

How can I buy $SKMT or StachesNFT?

There are two simple ways to be start your journey through the Soakmont ecosystem: with our token $SKMT, or our limited edition, utility packed StachesNFT

Staches NFT Logo

$SKMT will play a key role in the functionality of the platform and future Soakmont products. The tokenomics behind $SKMT have been carefully designed to encourage the growth and sustain the success of the whole Soakmont ecosystem, with a small 6% tax applied to each transaction, allocated to the following resources:

  • 3% for Dev/Marketing
  • 1.8% to support the functionality and capabilities of the DeFi App
  • 0.6% Burn
  • 0.6% Charitable donations

The $SKMT is available on the Binance Smart Chain and contract address is:


You can purchase $SKMT via PancakeSwap by clicking below.

Purchase $SKMT
Staches NFT Logo

StachesNFT is our limited edition NFT and is the only NFT backed by a regulated financial institution (Atlantic Trust Company).

StachesNFT works hand-in-hand across the Soakmont ecosystem. As well as providing the elements people have come to expect from the highest quality NFTs - exquisite artwork and rarity - StachesNFT provides holders the following benefits:

  • Early access, discounts and fee reductions across the Soakmont Investment Platform and the Soakmont Rental and Travel Platform;
  • Access to Soakmont Investment Platform’s Real Estate premium conference, investor resources, courses, and private newsletters;
  • Staking of StachesNFT to be rewarded for participating in the ecosystem;
  • Discounted shopping and cashback by connecting StachesNFT with major ecommerce platforms;
  • Premium services provided by ATC’s digital subsidiary.

StachesNFT also offers a range of incredible mint-only opportunities including: multiple $10,000 giveaways, an exclusive yacht party, charitable donations and more.

Minting is scheduled for early July 2022.

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Where can I find more information about Soakmont?

Our Team

team member

Yann Beaudoin - "YB"


Software engineer with a solid experience in blockchain and real estate, he's managing the project development. When he's not coding, he lives in a tent.

team member

Steven Pullara - "STEVEO"

Chief Operations Officer

7 years of experience in sales and marketing and business owner. He spends most of his free time with his wife and kids and hopes to go fishing… but never does.

team member

Anastacio Rivera - "Stazzi"

Chief Relationships Officer

Corporate Marketing, Sales, HR. & Management experience. When he's not working on DeFi projects, he's coaching or watching soccer.

team member

Saleh Yassin - "SAL"

Chief Communications Officer

Managing the family's supermarket, community manager, Useless at heart, and part time insta-Husband.

team member

Michael Johnson - "Scribbles"

Chief Financial Officer

Operations supervisor and owns a wealth management firm in the US. When he's not working on DeFi projects he's training or coaching ju-jitsu.

team member

Owen Murray - "Hoole"

Chief Marketing Officer

Years of strategy development and delivery on multi-million dollar programmes. Spare time is wasted believing Manchester United might win their next game...