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What is Soakmont?

Soakmont’s core mission is to make high end real estate and private equity investment opportunities available to everyone, removing the traditional barriers to investment. So whether you’re looking to invest one dollar, a thousand dollars or a million dollars, Soakmont will offer the assets and support to meet and beat your expectations - come and join us.

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How does soakmont work?

Soakmont utilizes blockchain and web3 technology to enable fractional ownership of high performing assets, this means you won’t need a million dollars to own a million-dollar property - you can own a part of it for part of a million dollars. Soakmont’s innovative, transparent, and fully regulated multi-chain asset investment platform will allow you to generate income from assets that you never thought it was possible you could own.

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Soakmont Crypto Ecosystem

How will I earn money through Soakmont?

Every Soakmont asset will go through our in-depth analysis and vetting to ensure the best possible return for investors. How and when payouts occur will vary from asset to asset, for example, with our real estate investments you would receive payments when rent is collected, with others it may be when a profit is realized - the specific details will be available for each asset as it is listed.

As well as each asset offering its own revenue generation opportunity, Soakmont’s native currency - known as $SKMT - will play a key part across the Soakmont Investment Platform and throughout the investment process,

meaning holders of $SKMT will benefit from our entire portfolio, giving you a diverse income stream, the more $SKMT you hold, the more you’ll be rewarded. $SKMT holders could also choose to benefit from any changes in the price of the $SKMT token, but we’d suggest keeping hold of what you’ve got as our portfolio will grow and grow.

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What is next for Soakmont Real Estate

What next for Soakmont?

Soakmont aims to disrupt a multi-billion dollar sector and become the leader in tokenized asset investment. In the coming weeks and months we will:

  • Announce key real world financial sector partnerships
  • Publish in-depth technical information
  • Launch the Soakmont Investment Platform
  • List our first investment asset, and then our second, and then on and on and on…
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The Timeline

How can I invest in Soakmont now?

There are two easy ways to be one of Soakmont’s early investors - our token and our limited edition, utility packed NFT.

Staches NFT Logo

Firstly, $SKMT is our native currency and will play a significant role throughout the Soakmont Investment Platform and the investment process. Holders will be continually rewarded as our portfolio continues to grow and the more $SKMT you hold, the more you’ll be rewarded. You can purchase $SKMT on the Binance Smart Chain here:

Staches NFT Logo

Secondly, Soakmont is launching its limited edition line of NFTs known as Staches. These are fun and colorful artworks, but they are backed by serious utility that has been designed with a sole purpose - to make you even more money. Owning one of the only 10,000 available Staches will give you a range of money saving and money earning opportunities including: early access to investment opportunities on Soakmont, discounted investment support, a whole range of real world retail discounts, and much, much more. Find out how to buy StachesNFT here:

Our Team

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Software engineer with a solid experience in blockchain and real estate, he's managing the project development. When he's not coding, he lives in a tent.

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6 years of experience in sales and marketing. Owns multiple businesses. He spends most of his free time with his kids and fishing the rest of the time.

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Corporate Marketing, Sales, HR. & Management experience. When he's not working on DeFi projects, he's coaching or watching soccer.

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Managing the family's supermarket, community manager, Useless at heart, and part time insta-Husband.

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Advanced trader responsible for the SOAK trading room.

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Operations supervisor and owns a wealth management firm in the US. When he's not working on DeFi projects he’s training and coaching ju-jitsu; or telling YB he needs to work more.

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Years of strategy development and delivery on multi-million dollar programmes. Spare time is wasted believing Manchester United might win their next game...