About Soakmont

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Soakmont Group LLC, a financial technology company, is focused on crowdfunding high-end private equity assets for their community of investors and the public. Soakmont will also act as a real estate management company upon completion of its private equity crowdfunding.

Soakmont stands out from the crowd by focusing on regulatory compliance and providing users of all Soakmont products an unparalleled peace of mind. At all stages of product development, Soakmont maintains the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance by adhering to the principle: nothing beats transparency. Soakmont has developed and will deliver multiple solutions and products across a range of industries. The first quality development Soakmont has brought to market is the Soakmont Investment Platform. A second deliverable is the Soakmont Rental and Travel Platform.

Soakmont Group LLC’s main considerations for crowdfunding targets are high growth business acquisitions, private equity investments e.g. real estate, as well as alternative investments e.g. collectibles and fine art. Soakmont does this by creating a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for each crowdfunded offering. Each SPV may house one asset or a portfolio of assets. Each offering will specify the terms and capital needed for the acquisition of the asset(s).

Soakmont’s SPVs are structured entities, created with US securities attorneys, to allow capital gains and any passthrough income to flow directly to investors. Soakmont’s investment philosophy for choosing which asset to crowdfund is simple, uncomplicated, and consistent. Soakmont’s management team is led by Yann Beaudoin, a successful technology entrepreneur; and Michael Johnson, a Registered Investment Advisor. Both Yann and Michael perform extensive due diligence on each asset prior to offering a crowdfunding opportunity.

“We take extreme care about finding and removing any unnecessary risk to Soakmont and its investors.”

-Michael Johnson, Registered Investment Advisor


Within each asset, Soakmont looks for a quality management team that is currently in place or will be after purchasing the asset through crowdfunding. A quality management team needs to be motivated, knowledgeable, and dependable. Secondly, Soakmont ensures that each asset has a track record that can be validated. When dealing with businesses, as well as collectibles, high caliber leads will result in continued growth. This growth is what will be looked for within the research phase of each offering.

When selecting assets for acquisition, the primary concerns are: cash flows and their stability, the asset’s growth trajectory, and what proper allocation of investment funds can do for continued growth. Because Future valuation of assets can be inconsistent and no one measure accurately tells the whole picture, Soakmont uses a variety of metrics and tools such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model, Net Present Value (NPV), and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to perform asset valuation. This valuation is used in determining the potentiality of bringing the asset to crowdfunding.

Soakmont looks for businesses that are considered under market to fair market in value. With the mentioned valuation metrics and practices, if these prove growth potential the asset is looked at in favorable terms for a crowdfunded offering.

Soakmont’s team members are able to invest in all offerings alongside the investors. Soakmont believes that if our team wouldn’t take the risk how could we offer it to our community of investors? Additionally after the purchase of each asset, Soakmont will be providing ongoing guidance and management support for all necessary activities.


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