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A fully featured private equity solution

The Soakmont Investment Platform exists to make high end real estate and private equity investment opportunities available to everyone. Soakmont’s goal to disrupt a multi-billion dollar global industry of private equity deals will be accomplished by enabling fractional ownership of high end investment assets and significantly reducing the restrictive financial barriers preventing non accredited individuals from investing. These capital raising processes are very costly for any project. Soakmont’s platform will make it easier to manage and invest in this new age of private equity investing.

The functionality of the platform is designed for real estate developers, professional and amateur investors, and hobbyist traders seeking exposure into real estate, private equity and other alternative assets. Most of these investments would not traditionally be available to the everyday investor. The functionality of the Soakmont Investment Platform, SIP, has been designed with ease of use and regulatory compliance at its core. Through its innovative technology and partnerships the SIP streamlines a number of processes, reducing costs and fees as compared to the traditional investment industry. The SIP makes it easy for any project/asset to be funded, onboard new investors, issue shares, and ensure revenue flows to investors.

Soakmont’s partnership with Silicon Prairie all the SIP activity will be fully regulated. The Soakmont Investment Platform enables crowdfunded asset investment through an SEC and FINRA registered platform.

The future is now.