Soakmont Group LLC Formation

Entering a 15B+ dollar crowdfunding market

Soakmont Group LLC enters $15.5 Billion dollar crowdfunding market with new subsidiary formation.

Soakmont Group LLC is pleased to announce the launch of one of its key divisions for the crowd funding and tokenization of real-world assets.

Soakmont Group LLC main considerations for crowdfunding targets will be real estate, private equity investments, businesses, and alternative investments such as high-end collectibles and fine art.

In conjunction Soakmont has also recently signed an agreement to work with Silicon Prairie which operates a SEC, FINRA, Broker Dealer registered crowdfunding technology company. Silicon Prairie has extensive experience in Investment Banking and operating crowdfunding portals since 2016. Silicon Prairie is also in their last stages of registration with the SEC for their own proprietary Alternative Trading System (ATS) which can be used to exchange private tokenized securities.

According to recent research publications the global crowdfunding market has surpassed $13 Billion and is forecasted to double by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2%.

“We are excited to announce the completion of this phase of development. One of our main missions is to offer fractionalized ownership of large high-end assets. We now have a clear path to achieve this and are excited to give our community access to the opportunities they want, said Yann Beaudoin, CEO of Soakmont Group LLC.

The company expects to launch the platform within the next month utilizing Silicon Prairie's SEC & FINRA compliant technology stack for operating a crowdfunding portal.

Further updates and projects will be announced and brought to market as the next steps begin.

SOAKMONT GROUP LLC, a financial technology company, is focused on crowdfunding high-end private equity assets for their community of investors and the public. Soakmont will also act as a real estate management company upon completion of its private equity crowdfunding. Further information: or contact [email protected]

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