Letter of Intent to Acquire Le Grand Bleu

A Madagascar Eco-Touristic experience

Soakmont Group LLC signs Letter of Intent to acquire Le Grand Bleu resort in Nosy Be, Madagascar. Additionally the company has formally launched a Reg CF “Testing the Waters” campaign.

Soakmont Group LLC is pleased to announce the company has signed an LOI with Mr. and Mrs. Duguy on December 2nd for the full acquisition of Le Grand Bleu for a purchase price of €1.35m.

The company has agreed to make the first down payment in late February to early March and the remaining in a series of bi-annual payments for 18 months. Since the last press release Soakmont has made several new partnerships, one of which is Wildworld; an eco-tourism project planning business. Wildworld is working with local companies and creating the plans for the renovations for the resort. The company also has one of their own associates that lives on Madagascar that will relocate to Nosy Be to live and co-manage the resort with his wife. Other developments with Wildworld will be shared in the coming months.

The Le Grand Bleu resort can be viewed here: https://www.legrandbleunosybe.com/

The Testing the Waters campaign can be viewed here: https://soakmont.sppx.io/otp

Soakmont Group is working with securities attorneys presently to form “LE GRAND BLEU LLC '' and create and submit all applicable legal documents in preparation to launch the company's first equity crowdfunding campaign under SEC exemption Regulation CF. Similar to Soakmont Group, Le Grand Bleu LLC will be a Wyoming based corp.

“I couldn’t be happier with the relationships we have formed with Guillaume from WildWorld and Mr. and Mrs. Duguy to have come to this agreement. We worked for months searching for a suitable opportunity to act on; and we found an absolute home run with Le Grand Bleu. I’m extremely excited to bring this opportunity to the public and our community of investors”, said Michael Johnson, registered investment advisor and chief financial manager of Soakmont Group.

The team is currently planning for the formal launch of the crowdfunding campaign to begin between January and February.

Further updates and projects will be announced and brought to market over the coming weeks.

SOAKMONT GROUP LLC, a financial technology company, is focused on crowdfunding high-end private equity assets for their community of investors and the public. Soakmont will also act as a real estate management company upon completion of its private equity crowdfunding.

Wild World: http://www.wildworld.eco/

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